The Mysterious Green Beetle 

Is this the most sexy thing that you can think of – blisters?

Well that’s what Spanish fly relies on to get your sexy time going.

Cantharidin is part of the leg joints of a type of beetle that is crushed up to make the dust that is part of the so called ‘Spanish Fly’. It’s not a fly – and if you apply it to any body part it’s going to hurt.

Or give you a pleasant warming feeling, depending on how much you actually apply. Of course the crushed beetle can be added to drinks, but blister beetles are not only very attractive – they can be deadly, and they’re only renowned for their effect on men.

So gents – don’t even bother to add it to a young lady’s drink – it simply doesn’t work.

Believe it or not Cantharidin has been used to remove warts or even tattoos – it isn’t effective as a sexual stimulant. In men, if taken orally it can irritate the urethra – so you may get a mild sort of tingling in your nether regions as it’s excreted.

In larger doses an erection will result – a long lasting one. The down side is that the use can result in death.

This is why most of the ‘Spanish Fly Romance Helper‘ that you buy only contains very small portion of the actual ingredient. An erection that lasts days is not fun at all and may require medical intervention.

Unless you think that a scalpel and a trip to an emergency room is your idea of a romantic night Spanish Fly (or crushed up beetle bodies) is not for you.

Oh – and it doesn’t work on women – leave it alone and stick to a great meal and being a gentleman.

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Travel Tips For The Grand Canyon To Have A Great Day

There are so many wonders in the world that people wish to visit during their life that it can be difficult to make a shortlist. However, one natural wonder that often appears in people’s lists is the Grand Canyon. This huge canyon covers a large distance of the earth’s surface, and attracts tourists from every country. Although it is huge, decent viewing spots are actually few, and it is important to arrange in advance which one will be visited. I made use of the best travel tips for the Grand Canyon to make my trip a memorable experience.

The two main viewing areas that I discovered are in the west near Las Vegas, and the South Rim near Sedona. Both of these locations are situated in Arizona. Travelling from Vegas is best done by coach arranged by the hotel, while the South Rim is easier to access with a car. Of course, there are helicopter and airplane tours available. I visited the South Rim as the views are what most people expect the canyon to look like. A good tip to get the best feel of its depth is to hire a donkey, something I did not do. Visiting the Grand Canyon is something everyone should do at least once, and visiting everyone should do a lot.

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Tips for Travel to the Grand Canyon

I live in Southern California, which means that the Grand Canyon is no more than a hop, skip, and a jump away (at least in west coast terms). It’s become one of our favorite family vacation spots – the husband and I enjoy the scenery and culture, while the kids love the fossils. We make it a point to get out there once a year or so; from frequent visitors, here are some tips we’ve picked up through the years.

Bring your own water. I can’t emphasize this one enough. Grand Canyon is in a national park, and there are few places to buy water once you’re admitted. To avoid some astronomical costs, pick up some bottles along the way.

Don’t pay for the walkway tour. The park service has really been promoting its recently built overhanging walkway, which offers a beautiful view which is unfortunately identical to the view you get from the lip of the canyon.

If you have time, visit the town at the bottom of the canyon (and some extra time to visit Trips are usually made on mule back, which offers its own kind of fun. The town is a great little tourist trap, and interacting with people who live in such a remote place is always a special time.

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Great Grand Canyon Travel Tips

Vacations can be a lot of fun, but they take some planning to ensure that. This even applies if they are a simple trip to somewhere like the Grand canyon. I have read several great Grand Canyon travel tips that everybody should consider for their trip.

I think many people only think about lots of people in groups around the area. However, you can avoid that by going through the entrance on the east side known as Desert View. This is not used as much to enter the canyon, so it gives you a better opportunity to enjoy sometime with yourself or your own group.

Near this entrance is the Cameron Trading Post. There is a lot of great homemade Native American food here like frybread, tacos, etc. You can also see sights along the Eastern Rim like Grandview Point, Colorado River Gorge, etc. You can make some time to visit the South Rim for magnificent panoramic shots.

Hiking is a big thing here. There are plenty of places to hike near the various rims. One that is often talked about is the Kaibab Trail. You can also check out Grandview Trail and Skeleton Point.

I never really knew until recently that there was so much to experience at the Grand Canyon (just like how surprised me in getting cheap Life Insurance rates). You can enjoy the sights, the local foods, hike, and see some amazing sights. I think taking time to plan it out is worth it to do it all.